maivi studio | ABOUT
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I’m a sustainable designer from Design School Kolding working in the cross-field between sustainability, communication design and interior design.


When I’m not digging deep into the world of circular economy, playing with words and concepts, doing graphics or interior projects, I design and sell my own posters from sustainable production through my instagram page.


my posters & prints

All posters at maivi studio are made to order on 190g matte paper and hand cut by me. I want to ensure the highest possible quality with as little waste as possible.


Sustainable production and care is fundamental in my work with design. I believe it is possible to meet the need for beautiful aesthetics in our home, while being mindful of the footprint we leave behind.


My prints can be seen and bought at maivi studio on Instagram.


my background

I am currently a second year Master student at Design School Kolding, Design for Planet, working with sustainability as a fundamental mindset.


I have a Bachelors degree in Multimedia- and Brand Design from KEA as well as being an Interior Designer from Copenhagen School of Interior Design.


For the past 9 years I have been working with communication design as a freelancer, in-house and at digital agencies. Along the way my love for interior design and sustainability has grown, and I now work in the cross-field between all three areas – combining the things I love the most:





For questions, requests about custom artwork, interior consulting or anything else please contact me.